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Bulgaria travel guide is the doorway to the country Bulgaria at Bulgaria is nestled in the heart of Central Europe. Bulgaria is a land of great contrasts and surprises with un-spoilt natural beauty, where time has come to a stand still.

Bulgaria is a great place to sightsee and relax, from its sunny Black Sea resorts to its charming old towns and cities, pastoral valleys and spectacular mountain-enclosed monasteries. Bulgaria's natural landscape has endless, sandy beaches along the Black Sea, wild mountain ranges and lush green hills, fertile plains, magnificent gorges, rivers, health spas and natural springs. It is famous for long balmy Summers, dreamy scented rose fields, richly colored orchards and sun drenched vine-yards.

Bulgaria country has a lot to offer to visitors and bulgaria travel guide will give you detailed information about the country. With mountains occupying half the country's territory, Bulgaria is emerging as a new bargain ski destination. Visitors can stay in towns and villages that have aimed to preserve the authentic Bulgarian spirit and hospitality. Bulgaria is especially proud of its rich folklore traditions. Folk dances, music, national costumes and traditional rituals play an important part in the life of Bulgarians.

Bulgaria travel guide lists the country’s information on the traditional and cultural front. The country takes pride in notable theatres and museums, opera houses and art galleries. The Bulgarian Black Sea Riviera resorts, with their wide bays and golden beaches, are ideal for family holidays. National dishes include cold yoghurt soup with cucumbers and peppers or aubergines stuffed with meat. Some restaurants offer folk dancing, and opera is performed at the State Opera House in Sofia. There are several nightclubs in Sofia and other major towns and all resorts.

Travel guide Bulgaria will guide you and let you plan your trip to the country. It’s a treasure house of information of the best time to travel, climate, fast facts, travel tips and much more. Looking for some thrill Bulgaria is the place to be. Visit the country and make use of the expertise at bulgaria travel guide.

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