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Events of Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a rich past of culture and traditions thus the Bulgarian people observe a number of traditional customs which have now turned to be huge current events of bulgaria. As the successor of glorious traditions Bulgaria is a center of prestigious international bulgaria events. Some of the well known special events of bulgaria are:

Trifon Zarezan on 14 February is the ancient festival of the wine growers. Vines    are pruned and sprinkled with wine to ensure a bounteous harvest.
Baba Marta: On the first of March Bulgarian people celebrate the beginning of spring.    The day is called Baba Marta (or Grandma Marta in English). On that day a special       present is presented called a "martenitsa" to all the people we love. The "martenitsa"    is small, two colored and made of thread - white and red. The red and white    tasseled threads which are worn for health and happiness at the coming of spring.    When wearers see their first stork of the season, the martenitsa is tied to the nearest    tree.
Koprivshtitsa International Folk Festival: It is held every five years, some 4000 finalists    compete for awards. There is a biennial festival in Pernik at which participants,    wearing traditional masks and costumes, perform ancient dances to drive away evil    spirits and ask the good spirits for a plentiful harvest.
Kukeri is a spring festival, most eagerly celebrated in the Rodopi Mountains.
Festival of Roses is celebrated with folk songs and dances at Kazanlâk and Karlovo on    the first Sunday in June.
Tsvetnitsa: On Sunday before Easter Bulgarians celebrate Tsvetnitsa (Palm Sunday), or    the day of flowers, plants and trees. With this celebration the Bulgarian Orthodox    church marks the glorious entry of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. The triumphant entry of    Jesus into the city of Jerusalem before His passion, was celebrated with particular    solemnity since the first centuries of Christianity. In the Orthodox Rite it is considered    to this day one of the twelve Malor Feasts of the liturgical year. It is always    celebrated on the Sunday before Easter with the blessing of branches.
Sofia Music Weeks is held in Sofia from May to June.
New Year's Music Festival takes place from December to January in Sofia.
March Music Days takes place in the month of March in Ruse.
Varna Summer event is held in the months of June to July in Varna.
Appolonia Festival of the Arts takes place on September in the museum town Sozopol.
Festival of Music and Scenic Art is held at the Antique Theater in Plovdiv.


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