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Bulgaria Transportation

Bulgaria is situated at crossroads between Europe and Asia and it has a key position both for road, river and sea transport of a large group of countries. Several Pan-European transport corridors cross the country. There are 4 international airports in Bulgaria, the biggest being in Sofia. Transportation in bulgaria has an extensive network of air, road and train services in Bulgaria. Most tourist sites are accessible by public transport bulgaria. Buses are common for urban transportation bulgaria. With addition to them trams and trolley buses are typical in the big cities. There are many taxis in all towns. Numerous trains link Bulgaria with Europe and Asia. The capital Sofia has a direct connection with Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Munich, etc.

Rail transport Bulgaria has a good railway network connecting even very small villages with big cities and you can get almost anywhere by train. Rail travel is cheap then travelling buy bus, so it is only advisable to travel by train when traveling on two major routes of Sofia-Varna and Sofia- Bourghas with many overnight trains. A couple of new trains will now be running the Sofia-Varna line, and the journey has been shortened considerably. The main European railway routes pass through Bulgaria. Sofia has direct links with many European capital cities. Probably it is the cheapest way to reach Bulgaria.
Water transportation in bulgaria has the Black Sea ports of Bourgas and Varna offer extremely good access to Ukraine, Russia and the countries of the Mediterranean basin, and through the Danube a direct link with Central and Western Europe is provided.

Bus transportation bulgaria has good bus connections between Bulgarian and European cities and towns. The buses are comfortable and the prices are fairly low. Buses are the cheapest and fastest way to get around. Buses run frequently between all the larger cities, with minibus services from Varna and Bourgas along the coast to all the Black sea tourist resorts.

Air transport bulgaria has three international airports: Sofia, Varna and Bourgas. The Bulgarian air companies have flights to the most European countries as well as all major European air lines have regular flights to Bulgaria. While flights to Sofia are normally priced, there are a lot of charter cheap flights to Bulgaria offered to Varna and Bourgas leaving from Western Europe especially in the summer tourist season.




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