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Bulgaria Food

Bulgaria food have long since valued the merits of Bulgarian cuisine with the ruling that it is tasty, spicy and varied, appealing to one and all. Bulgaria Food has grown out of wealth of culinary traditions, both local and foreign, combined in a way which is uniquely Bulgarian, offering cuisine with its own characteristics, originality and exceptional variety.

Due to the geographical position of the country and long history Bulgaria food is a mixture between the best parts of the Slavonic, Greek and Turkish cuisines. National specialties for food in bulgaria include: Shopska salad (made of sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and parsley topped with grated sheep's cheese); and tarator (a cold soup of chopped cucumber, walnuts and yogurt) perfect for hot summer days. White sheep's cheese baked with eggs is another favorite. The country of origin for Yogurt is loved here and tastes better. Bulgaria food sees an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits, juicy meat, grilled or served with piquant sauces.

Bulgarian food drink like wines are perfectly complement the Bulgarian food with a wide choice to choose from. Wines are made from special varieties of grapes grown in specific localities. Beer is also very popular in Bulgaria. The brands are not as popular as German and Czechoslovakian ones but they are very delicious.

Attractive folk- style restaurants are there throughout the country serving different foods, from national food bulgaria, foreign cuisine to fast food. A number of fast food outlets, pizzerias, numerous cafes and pastry shops, entertainment spots have mushroomed. Menus are usually printed in both Bulgarian and English. Restaurants stay open from 11a.m. to midnight, but some of them may work round the clock.




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