Pirin National Park Bulgaria

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The Pirin National Park

tourist attraction Bulgaria: Pirin National Park Bulgaria The uniqueness of the Pirin national park and its global significance, led to UNESCO including it in the World Register of Natural Heritage. This tourist attraction in bulgaria draws a lot of tourist for its natural heritage.
The Pirin national Park Bulgaria is the largest in the country. The park covers an area of 26479.8 hectares. It includes parts of the mountain which are above 1000m above sea level with unique ecosystems, areas with specific geomorphology a large number of Bulgarian and Balkan end mites and relicts.
There are a few trees declared to be natural heritage, including the "Baikusheva" white fir, more than 1200 years old, 16m high and with a circumference of 5.70m. The park also contains 70 glacial lakes, many caves, waterfalls, majestic abysses and cliffs. The main ridge of the mountain is aligned from Northwest to South-Southeast. It is about 80 km long and 40 km wide. The sharply contoured landscape and the blend of Central European and Mediterranean climates ensure a wide variety of flora and fauna. In 1962 part of the mountain was proclaimed as a national park, initially named "Vihren" and later on renamed "Pirin". Tourists has a choice of regions within the park itself, including the forest of Bosnian pine where the ancient Baikusheva pine stands guard as it has done for centuries. The crystalline limestone allows such delights as the near extinct edelweiss and the Pirin poppy to flower and grow among the rocks. The Pirin lakes, surrounded by an area of Macedonian pine and Silver fir and spruce, teem with animal life, and eagles and falcons have made their homes high up in the mountains.

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