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Bulgaria Culture

Bulgaria is a country of vast culture and vivacious atmosphere. You find Bulgarians basking in the variety of cultural, social and national celebration. Once you land in this country, you come to know about the abundance of possibilities to enjoy and entertain yourself by joining any of wonderful festivals and events going on. Some of the finest instances of fabulous american Bulgaria culture are:

Lazaruvane: A festival of youth and spring! You find young women and girls attiring national costumes and carrying garlands of flowers and on their head. They visit all the houses in the village singing beautiful traditional songs. The dance and wish you health and fertility on 1 st of April every year.

The festival of roses: People of Bulgaria celebrate this festival during the first half of June. Valley of Roses is the famous spot for such fabulous celebration. For this, people start picking roses early in the morning while dew is still present on the surface of the rose petals. Rose picking is finished before sunrise keeping in mind that the fragrance is preserved. To stun you, one gram of attar of roses is extracted from two thousands of petals. This is the reason why Bulgaria stands first when it come to supply the maximum number of attar of roses. Famous perfumeries buy the essential component of the best and most expensive perfumes.

Gergyovden (St. George`s Day): Lot of other rituals and celebrations are held every year in the country. For instance, St. George's Day becomes an occasion to celebrate many of them on the 6 th of May.

Baba Marta: This occasion is characterized by the presents from people to their dear relatives and friends. Before the March starts, they gift a double red and white tassel - to bring health and happiness to wish their relatives and friends health and happiness.



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