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Bulgaria Travel Guide
a Downtown Hotel
a Grand Sofia Hotel
a Kempinski Zografski
Rodina Hotel
a Golden Tulip
K G Hermitage Hotel
a K G Hermitage ( Sea View)
Lilia Hotel
Main Attractions
  Rila Monastery
  Sunny Beach Resort
  Golden Sands Resorts
  The Pirin National Park
  Alexander Nevsky
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Bulgaria Travel

Bulgaria travel would be an interesting and intriguing experience as Bulgaria has a lot to offer to its tourists. During bulgaria advice travel tourists can enjoy the scenic splendor, take a peep at its ancient culture, friendly people and old-fashioned warm and hospitality. Make your travel in bulgaria a lifetime experience by keeping in mind some travel tips:

While travel in bulgaria normal courtesies should be observed and handshaking is the    normal form of greeting.
Dress should be conservative but casual. If invited to the home, a small souvenir from    one's homeland is an acceptable gift.
During travel to bulgaria remember that a nod of the head means 'No' and a shake    means 'Yes'.
Smoking since January 1, 2005, Bulgarian restaurants, cafes, nightclubs etc.,     have for zones smokers and non-smokers. Smoking in public places is not allowed.
The time difference in winters is GMT +2 hrs and in summers its GMT +3 hrs.
It uses 220 V only
Currency Exchange can be done in banks and 24-hour change bureaux. The exchange    rate is announced every day.
Credit Cards can be used for the payment of all standard services in hotels,     restaurants, night clubs, shops, car rentals, plane tickets, etc.

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