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Varna Bulgaria

varna bulgaria, bulgaria varna, varna map Varna bulgaria is an attractive city known as Bulgaria’s ‘Seaside Capital’ and the ‘Pearl of the Black Sea Coast’. It is the third largest city in Bulgaria. On varna map the city lies on a large, flat and high terrace on the northwestern most curve of the bay which just some 7km inland. The city occupies some 24sq km, measuring 6km northeast-southwest and is about 4km wide. During the holiday season, July and August, the sunshine allows 10-11 hours of sunbathing.

The varna Bulgaria town is set in tiers along the curve of Varna Bay,and besides being a popular beach resort, it gives competition to the important cities of Sofia and Plovdiv in its wealth of museums, art galleries, historical buildings and cultural entertainment.

Bulgaria Hotel Varna has year-round holiday destination. The 19th-century Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin is an imposing landmark, while the extensive ruins of the Roman Spa in the centre of town constitutes the largest ancient building in Bulgaria, dating back to 1700. Bulgaria varna is the main part for commercial and naval shipping and has a casual, cosmopolitan atmosphere with a Mediterranean charm created by the sunny climate, calm sea, beach promenades and red-tiled roofs. Varna bulgaria is the gateway to the nearby beach resorts, including Albena and the mega-resort of Golden Sands, and numerous scenic spots along the coast are within easy reach, such as the nature reserve at Kamchia and the crumbling rock formations and dramatic cliffs along the Balchik coast. The bulgaria city’s peculiar sea charm is sublime and moving. Ancient, medieval, renaissance and modern cultures mingle and coexist through out the city. The city is clean and green. Of the green miracles at least three are a must see for tourists: the Marine Gardens which are the largest in the Balkans, Euxinograd Park, the former Royal Palace, the paradise of St.Constantine.

Bulgaria varna is a city of old culture, living traditions and ambitious undertakings. Some 20 percent of its population is students in various educational institutions, four of which are higher. This city provides a lot of museum opportunities for visitors after the capital city.




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